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The sensors are powered by batteries recharged by mini photovoltaic panels, connected in parallel with a self-costruction minipanel which regulates and stabilizes the voltage to 3.3 volts for the sensors. The panels were part of a lamp purchased c / o a well-known Swedish Store.



I was always attracted and interested in this matter. I set up a system for collecting meteorological data in time before the advent of the Internet would have been impossible to implement. The network website has given me the opportunity to deepen my little knowledge and allowed me to compare my work and experiences with other enthusiasts forecast much better than me. Albano Weather Station was established in May 2009 for personal use only but reading here and I realized that creating a site and share it for this task would have been even more challenging. Initially, the technical problems to be solved have been numerous. We can Appreciate reading the experience  of other  holders  of  amateur    stations,   how

many and what obstacles must be overcome, but I have not lost heart. Because you have computer skills, it would be foolish not to accept the challenge. The first dilemma was to find a point of data collection and weather to increase the autonomy of the sensors to give some continuity to the service; every couple of months I was forced to climb on the roof or lowering the supporting pole to reach devices and replace the four batteries 'style' that feed them. The choice was to set up on a pile of 6 meters in the home garden atmospheric detectors, in the one point barrier free on a grassy meadow as it agrees to the standards for detecting the air, I placed the top l 'airspeed below which about a meter mounting the rain gauge. The thermo-hygrometer sensor've added a sunscreen self-built about two meters above the ground. As for their autonomy, I modified the original power circuit of the sensors with rechargeable batteries from small photovoltaic solar panels, mounted at the base of the pole itself.

The pattern of functional devices that make up the weather station

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